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Broadway Horoscope: Playbill Playlist Edition.


Which Playbill Playlist should you listen to, according to your astrological sign? Playbill Playlist: Commuter Edition. The best Broadway tunes to keep you upbeat on your morning and evening commute. The Musical. While fans wait for the Broadway cast album to drop, listen to the original artists sing the songs that make this wild score. Every theatre fan has their favorite Gypsy cast album, but do you know these covers of Gypsy songs?

With new songs from musicals like The Prom and the new recording of Songs for a New World , tune in to these Broadway love songs.

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Playbill Mixtape: Holiday Edition. Have yourself a merry little holiday season as Broadway stars sing your soundtrack to winter. The soundtrack that Copes and the ensemble boys use to pump up for Tina Fey's musical. Playbill Mixtape: Thanksgiving Edition. Whether traveling to family, cooking the big meal in the kitchen, or needing some pre-dinner musical stylings, this playlist hits the spot.

Playbill Mixtape: Countdown to Wicked 15 Edition. In celebration of the anniversary of the Broadway musical, Playbill curated a playlist of the best covers of your favorite Stephen Schwartz-penned tunes. The original cast member of the Harry Potter spinoff play reveals the tunes she and her castmates listen to before every performance.

Playbill Mixtape: Pool Party Edition. Playbill Mixtape: Musical Theatre , s Edition. Playbill Mixtape: Musical Tony Nominees. Celebrate the Tony-nominated musicals—like SpongeBob, Mean Girls , and more—and their stars—like Hailey Kilgore and Katrina Lenk—with this ultimate compilation playlist.

You might think you know the early aughts, but do you really know all of these milestone musicals?

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The artist compiles the songs that spark her music prior to her April 20 concert at the Sheen Center. The Broadway star and singer-songwriter offers a mix of her own music and the tunes that spark cherished memories. These songs will inspire you to sparkle and shine as brightly as a Swarovski crystal. Klena and Bolton play onstage pals Dmitry and Vlad, but they are also real-life buddies who share a pre-show ritual. From Ahrens and Flaherty to the dawn of Disney musicals onstage to cult classic like Hedwig and Bat Boy , these are the need-to-know tunes from the final decade of the 20th Century.

With songs from SpongeBob The Musical , Legally Blonde , and more, consider this the soundtrack to live your best life and take on with optimism. From Hello, Dolly! Playbill Mixtape: Rock Musical Edition. Playbill Mixtape: Summer Jazz Edition. You are coming out of a life of having been aggressive or even a fighter. So in this life you're initiating, creative and even a bit impulsive in your drive to achieve material success, enjoy creature comforts, and the sensual pleasures of life. Your karma is to avoid being domineering. You may have been a warrior, a general or a successful merchant running your own enterprise.

Gemini: If you have Gemini rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Taurus. In that life, you had an earthy nature and were consumed with sensual desires. You are now looking for a life that is mentally stimulating, filled with interesting experiences that keep you engaged. Avoid losing your grounded nature and becoming vacillating and "flaky. Your karma is to avoid being too rigid.

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You may have been a painter, musician, gardener or a wealthy businessperson. Cancer: If you have Cancer rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Gemini. In that life, you were intellectually, but not emotionally expressive. Your easy-going nature allowed you the freedom to flit from one activity to another with no commitment. In this life, you're ready to pay more attention to your inner emotional nature. Now you are focused on a more responsible life that includes a home and family. Your karma is to balance your emotions with your intellect. Avoid letting your mind overrule your heart.

In a past life, your superior skills as a communicator allowed you to be a great salesperson, orator, teacher or writer. Leo: If you have Leo rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Cancer. As a Cancer you were filled with deep emotions, fears and insecurities about not being fully loved. Now, you are feeling self-confident, romantic, and desirous of sharing a passionate love with someone.

While you tend to be egocentric, you generously give of your heart. Your karma is to avoid being egocentric, and to overcome your fears of being abandoned.

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You can do this by freely loving and knowing you are worthy. In a past life, you took care of others, perhaps as a Mother Superior or a superior mother. Virgo: If you have Virgo rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Leo. In this past life, your focus was on yourself and being the center of attention for all to cater to your needs.

Now you are drawn to being responsible and of service to others, and doing for them. In this life, make sure to not do so much for others that you forget to pay attention to your own needs. Your karma is to focus on a life of service where you give back to those, who in the past, sacrificed for you. In a past life, you were of royalty, be it a king or queen, or a court-jester or wealthy landowner. Libra: If you have Libra rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Virgo.

In that life, you labored tirelessly to serve others, often at the extreme sacrifice of your own needs. In this life, you seek to find a balance where you can please yourself and your aesthetic needs while still giving of yourself. Your sense of fairness and justice is what drives you to serve others. Your karma is to avoid living a life where your main focus is being a pleaser. In a past life, you were a nurse, a chef, craftsman, technical writer. Scorpio: If you have Scorpio rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Libra.


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You lived your past life trying to find balance, often superficially, with a focus on satisfying your sensual desires. Now you are only interested in deep and intense encounters.

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  • You look for opportunities to dig deeply into the mysteries of life and the people you meet, even though such encounters bring emotional conflict into your life. Your karma is to bring a balance to your past tendency to be superficial and current one to be too intense. In a past life, you were a diplomat, lawyer, judge, painter, or a beauty contest winner. Sagittarius: If you have Sagittarius rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Scorpio.

    The deep thinking and investigation you did in your past life now gives you the ability to share your knowledge whether through philosophizing or teaching about what you've learned. Your deepest need is to be totally unrestricted so that you can continue your journey in a quest for new adventures. Your karma is to not allow your free spirit to keep you from enjoying the intimacies of a one-one-commitment. In a past life, you were a scientist, mystery writer, psychologist, sex researcher or criminal. Capricorn: If you have Capricorn rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Sagittarius.

    In that life, having fun, traveling and experiencing adventure were of paramount importance.

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    Now you are ready to be serous and take responsibility for achieving your lofty career goals. Unlike in your past, you are committed to working hard in a disciplined fashion to achieve your ambitions. Your karma is to not let hard work and your desire for material success stop you from travel and adventures that help you grow as a person.

    In a past life, you were a professor, attorney, ship captain, world traveler or comedienne. Aquarius: If you have Aquarius rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Capricorn. You are now tired of the discipline and hard work that has restricted you from experiencing life in a more free-spirited way. You don't like being conservative, since you prefer living your life as an individual - in an unconventional manner with no rules or boundaries. Yet, you want to make a discovery that will allow you to give back to the society you live in.

    Your karma is to not operate your life as a "rebel without a cause. In a past life, you were a politician, policeman, a doctor, or president of a company.