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Are you standing in your power or letting other people push you around? Keep in mind that emotions will be strong — and some people are going to be resistant to any changes you may want to make. Something may be revealed that could be shocking. This could set in motion a series of changes, some big and others subtle, that could rock foundations to the core. If anything changes around this day, that change will most likely be permanent. If you can, take this evening off to rest. Do not push yourself. Stay hydrated. And refrain from making critical decisions until a few days after the eclipse.

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Aries: Six of Swords — Move on. This could be a game changer. Gemini: The Hermit — Pull back.

Tarot Astrology: Capricorn and the Devil

Take the whole day off. Look inward and start plotting a new path. A positive change is on the way. A storm is brewing. You must be ready to act. Focus on what needs to be done. Eliminate distractions. Scorpio: Nine of Cups — Count your blessings.

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There is happiness in the moment. What will you do with this? Speak the truth. Aquarius: Prince of Disks — Invest in your future.

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Put your money away — or into something that will help you grow. Pisces: Ten of Wands — The pressure is on. You may feel a bit overwhelmed. The Shadow will grow around you. What you fear, you may eventually become in a twisted way of overcoming the fear. At heart, we humans strive to overcome and survive all difficulty in our path.

Sometimes, to overcome the fear, people unwittingly become what they fear. The typical Devil card in the Tarot is in fact quite scary looking as it portrays the classic image of a horned half man, half beast with forked tongue and pointed tail. Chained to this beast are two humans appearing naked and vulnerable and above the beast is an inverted five pointed star indicating separation from God or the Divine Spirit. The symbolic key to liberation inherent in this image is found in the fact that the chains that hold the humans are loose and even cracked open showing that if they are mentally and emotionally empowered, they are physically free to walk away from the influence of the Devil.

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Here we get the sense of being bound to a conditional relationship of domination and subjugation where the prowess and violent potential of one overpowers the gentleness and meekness of the other. From the birth of Christ up until the Piscean era many have found themselves disempowered in the nets of oppressive governments, greedy corporations as well as financial and even religious institutions not to mention controlling, self-serving bullies in various forms of relationship. The early Christian religious authorities can be attributed with demonizing paganism as such, beginning with Constantine, the Roman Emperor who institutionalized Christianity on a mass scale from AD to AD and then taking full effect in the early Middle Ages.

Sexuality became perverse in the Western world and another arena for domination, subjugation and abuse.

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When the Devil card appears in a reading, it puts up the red flag of danger for most people. In the Jungian sense, you must own and integrate your Shadow as part of yourself so that you master and control it rather than allowing it to unconsciously influence you. In my own life, I fully embodied the meaning of the Devil in confronting my deep-rooted fear of betrayal. From a very young age, I experienced the emotional pain of betrayal as my birth father betrayed the trust of my mother, and also my grandfather, despite being the Minister of a church, betrayed the trust of my grandmother and later the trust of our entire family.

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Then in response to the men that betrayed me, I betrayed them in turn, not out of revenge as some of them thought, but purely in my effort to gain back self-esteem. I wanted to be equal to the men and have the power to attract, seduce, and hold the attention of more than one man at a time if I so desired.

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In my full awareness of my own fall from virtue, I acknowledged my Shadow and allowed its place alongside my inner Light. At the moment I no longer feared this Shadow as an external force beyond my control, the phenomena of betrayal evaporated from my life. So it was I could suddenly trust that men could be honest and forthright and so it was that I recognized who would be my noble husband.