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What the spirits want to do is to show us how to do it all the time — consistently give our clients specific, exact information rather than vague generalities such as those which are cranked out by computers. To start with, the astrology spirits recommend changing the manner in which we calculate horoscopes.

Rather, by misusing these horoscopes — by treating astrology and its guardians with disrespect — we western astrologers have put bad vibes over these horoscopes, and so have rendered them inoperative. The spirits recommend abandoning all current house systems and using instead a system of 24 half-houses which are precisely analogous to the planetary hours. The exact details on how horoscopes should be interpreted in this system have yet to be worked out.

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Then these 12 division points are projected onto the ecliptic with house circles house circles are great circles on the celestial sphere which pass through the north and south points on the horizon. The Campanus and Regiomontanus systems also project with house circles, but the former divides the prime vertical into 12 parts, and the latter divides the celestial equator into 12 parts. Since the analogy requires that the angles be house cusps or in any event, the spirits require it , projection of these 12 division points must needs be with house circles, since only a projection with house circles retains both the Ascendant and Midheaven as house cusps.

This feature precludes a table of houses for the Sunshine House System, but in this age of computers this is not really a problem. In fact, it is common to find intercepted pairs of signs which do not lie opposite in the zodiac. This is an odd feature, but certainly not an objectionable one.

When I began recalculating the horoscopes in my files using the Sunshine House System, the first experiment I tried was secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps. I had always regarded secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps to be the acid test of proof for a house system transits, because of retrogradation, are too uncertain to use as a test for timing. I found that — like most astrological techniques — progressions to the intermediate Sunshine House cusps work better in some charts than others; but when they do work, they are amazingly accurate.

For example, in my own horoscope:. However, my most interesting discovery occurred when I took a vacation and found myself in the for me unusual position of doing a lot of face-to-face natal consultations for complete strangers. I calculated all these new charts with the Sunshine House System, and I discovered the following:. Using the Sunshine House System and the traditional house symbolism e.

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My astrology mysteriously reached an altogether new level. The impressions definitely come from the native, not the horoscope. Nonetheless the horoscope is intrinsic to the process. All feelings take off from symbols in the horoscope; and also the horoscope serves as a focus or way of conceptualizing feelings which are in the air. Although you can use intuition with everyone, the clearest impressions come from natives who are themselves psychic, or who are at least open-hearted and straightforward people. I can usually get an antagonistic or dubious client to loosen up by starting in a friendly and easy manner with his or her current progressions and transits.

This means respecting the native, and also respecting yourself; it means giving the person emotional space, and at the same time, not permitting him or her to encroach upon yours. There is really no other way of being able to give specific information to a client except through intuition. The materialistic astrologers who believe that astrology should be based upon reason rather than intuition are only promulgating an astrology of distrust: distrust in the Spirit, distrust in their own abundant inner knowledge, and distrust in the craft of astrology. The Sunshine House System is a link, given to us by the astrology spirits, to help us activate and utilize our latent intuition.

If you use a house-based astrology in your practice, I highly recommend your giving the Sunshine House System a whirl. I think you will be surprised and gratified to find how such a simple adjustment as changing the house system you use can produce such an amazing difference in the specificity and accuracy of your predictions. Sunshine House System calculations are available from www. Chutzpah Anatomical dividers December stone Purse for a formal aair Deals a death blow 2. Place of origin 3. Ear-related 5.

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